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Trailer Wheel Drive


Wheel Drive Control Systems

WK-WD series is worked out specifically for trailers wheel drive and drawbar turning.

Suitable for all common valve producer valves: Parker Danfoss Hydro-Control Bucher BLB Hydac

Possible to use fingertip joystics, thumb-rollers and buttons up to client request.

We use high-end Japanese waterproof enclosures

Cable lengths up to client request

Between cabin and trailer used CAN network or straight PWM signal from remote to valve. CAN network reliability and safety is proven in the automotive industry.

UV and Oilproof Ölflex black cables

Waterproof labeling for cables

Automation switch off is possible.

Remote control+cables plug and play set price starts from 95 EUR.
Remote control with speed adjustment + cables plug and play set price starts from 290 EUR.


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